In today’s society, everything that is old must be eliminated, not only physically, but also conceptually. The end life of a car represents in that sense an emblematic paradigm. We do not want to see anymore the scraps of our old cars that often define our social identities. However, the act of scrapping cars not only refers to the rejection of the car "that is no longer needed", but also implies the transformation of scraps through the process of recovery and regeneration of the materials.

Therefore, the car wreckers are not only cemeteries for cars, but thanks to the innovative recycling technologies they are considered places where scraps reacquire an intrinsic value. The aim of the project is to recognize the creative potential identified in the scraps of cars, through the production of a photographic series realized within car-breakers sites. The photographed objects, are  selected, decontextualized and photographed against a black panel that I used as a background. In such a way the car’s 'scrap' acquire a new identity, a new story, coming back to life as abstract, organic and evocative shapes.