My family told me everything I know about my grandfather, given that a few years before I was born, a serious accident compromised his cognitive abilities. My grandfather was more recounted than real or physically present in my life, however, his personality and life history still affected me in a way that I have felt the need to get to know him deeply by gaining information and listening to those people, relatives and friends, who really knew him. They told me that my grandfather was stubborn and determined like me; in Sicily we say “corna rura” (hard horns). Coming from a very poor family, my granddad was really determined in building his own future. He was passionate about knowledge; he especially enjoyed reading classical literature and the Bible about which he knew entire passages by heart. After the incident he realized he no longer had the same memory as before. When he used to say: “I do not feel myself anymore”, my grandmother used to answering him saying that he was lucky because he was alive and not in a wheelchair. He used to reply by saying that he would have preferred to be in a wheelchair, but with a well functioning brain. This was the most important thing for him. He could not tolerate the idea of not doing anything. I remember that when I was a child and he was already ill, he used to turn the wedding ring and this enchanted me; he also seemed fascinated by rotating objects. The last few years were the hardest because he was bedridden and could not do anything. He was lying in bed all day long watching the ceiling, blankly. Every time I went to visit grand-mother, I used to go into the bedroom to greet him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. He often seemed not to notice it, but I kept doing that, hoping that a part of him was still there. When he passed away my grandmother and my family sighed with relief. All of us were glad that he had finished to suffer. Also if I am not a religious person, I want to believe that he is still with us, in the places that he loved, next to the people that for all his life he has taken care of, my grandad is still with me in my Memoriae.